Successful Webinar series to DHL Express Venezuela

We are grateful and proud of our client DHL Express Venezuela. We have shared the organization and planning of the cycle of free webinars “Connect with DHL: driving business, scenarios and opportunities for Venezuela”.

The event was held in order to bring the company closer to its clients, inspiring entrepreneurs to find new opportunities and show that there are situations that can be used positively.

We were able to connect more than 1,000 people, from their homes and in different cities of Venezuela and the world. We brought them, in these challenging times, a form of support to entrepreneurs, SMEs and micro-businesses.

The first conference of this cycle was entitled “Economic Perspectives of Venezuela: Current Opportunities and Trends, and was led by Leonardo Buniak, economist and Managing Partner of the firm Leonardo Buniak y Asociados. For DHL participated Ivis Escorche, CEO of DHL Express Venezuela, with the theme “DHL in Venezuela: solutions and services for companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs”.

The second conference was: “Reality of e-commerce post pandemic and consumer digital trends”, with Carlos Jiménez, specialist in trends, business strategies and marketing. He offered an excellent presentation.  German Biaggini, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DHL Express Venezuela, also participated. 

The third conference of this cycle was: “Reinvent yourself! Tricks to do Social Selling” by Anna Vacarella who  had an excellent perfomance. She is a journalist and speaker and motivator, Also participated Verónica Hernández CEO of SmartcomCorp, communicator and businesswoman.

With DHL Express, WE SHARE THE SAME DREAM, to see your business grow.