Multimedia journalism, a proposal that seeks social impact

Currently, the highest percentage of content that is generated in the media and social networks is of a temporary nature, lagging behind the deeper treatment of issues related to education, culture, art or science.

At the same time, audiences tend to associate the educational with the boring.

From these two turning points, it is becoming more and more urgent to draw a new profile of journalism that vindicates its basic principles with creative, impactful proposals that respond to the healthy interests of the people.

Supported by one of its values ​​”commit ourselves to and contribute to our society” and after having accumulated 17 years of experience in the field of social communication, NEOCOM S.R.L. dares to propose an unprecedented concept in Bolivia, called

Its pillar is multimedia journalism, which implies the participation of people in the processes of construction of informative-educational-entertaining content, a model that relies on the benefits of digital media and social networks that are more economically accessible for the enterprising journalist, offer the possibility that messages cross borders and facilitate collaborative work between the journalist and the people, promoting interaction and the exchange of ideas for the construction of content.

Which content does propose?, through a process of exploration, systematization and production, visualizes the most outstanding men and women in the history and the present of Bolivia and in different areas of action, such as sports, culture, science, technology, arts, entrepreneurship, fashion, entertainment, environment, social demands, etc.

The biography and contribution of these outstanding men and women is reflected in interviews, reports and chronicles of free digital access (, and also in printed publications for free distribution.

Likewise, people can enjoy audiovisual reports with a format designed to capture the attention of new generations.

How is it made viable?

NEOCOM S.R.L. seeks strategic alliances with private companies, through its social responsibility areas, which cover the cost involved in developing of each thematic cycle.

In addition, it works with its ally in a collaborative way and with common objectives, developing micro projects that seek to positively influence the different areas proposed.