Kamiche Comunicación turns into SMO

Country of origin: Costa Rica.

Challenge: Finding a way to move from the traditional side and update the agency and its services.

Communication tools used: Social Media, word of mouth and PR.

Goal: Find a way to renew the agency, adapting it to actual trends.

Strategy: Internal changes had to be made in the agency to face the challenges that the pandemic brought, and to be able to find the way to adapt.

Results: Our clients like for example, Universidad Politécnica de Costa Rica, Compañía Farmacéutica, Laboratorio Compañía Farmacéutica, Laboratorio Sophia, and others, started to express their satisfaction with the changes made internally in the agency to be able to innovate and reinvent in times of a pandemic. Like for example, the hiring of more capable staff, the strengthening of the digital department, and more. Moreover, the name changed, as well as the logo and its colors, and that’s how SMO By Kamiche was born.

Testimony: “SMO By Kamiche, was born as a response to the need to reinvent in times of a pandemic. And as a result, there are now more satisfied clients with the work the agency is doing”