The rol of Travel Advisors in Tourism and the new normality

Travel consultants have played a very important role in the past as travelers always consulted their “trusted travel agent” when thinking about vacations or business trips as there was not as much information available about destinations, hotels and services.

Over time, the rapid massification of the internet and the growth of social networks, reconverted business models allowing anyone to access a large amount of data and even self-manage their own trips.

The emergence of online agencies and portals exacerbated this trend. Booking a trip became an immediate transaction through the internet without the intervention of a specialist who could advise the traveler on the quality and location of the hotels, services to hire, or the most convenient air routes.

Based on this new normal that the pandemic imposed on a global level, traveling represents a new challenge. It is no longer pleasure or business but, in turn, in many cases, implies fear or threat. This paradigm shift once again redefines the role of the travel agent to offer peace of mind and security about the destinations to choose and services to hire. The emotional factor that previously guided decisions is now more than ever contrasted with the rational one, with the need to know in depth what they will face and feel sure that their final choice is the correct one for the experience they are looking for.

The impact that social networks have today and the large amount of information available on the internet can also confuse and overwhelm the traveler. Fake news is a reality in all formats and the need for reliable data becomes critical. This new scenario represents a concrete opportunity to reconnect with the consumer through a unique and real experience. The possibility of accessing personalized attention and exhaustive knowledge of the regulations, protocols and security measures in force in each destination and service offered with truthful information today vindicates the role of the once underestimated travel agent.