Do women have the place they deserve in the business world?
By Elsa Petersen

Although some women in the region have achieved the unimaginable in business areas
traditionally led by males, there are still many others who have not managed to get where they
deserve to be.
From my many years of experience in the tourism industry, I recognize that today there are
highly well-known Latin American women in the sector. The article “Women’s empowerment
will make tourism grow”, recently published by Report magazine, made me stop and think
about this issue. We have grown in many aspects, but we still have a long way ahead. Among
some of the phrases that I highlight from the article, I would like to share these reflections:

  • “We need more women who dare to break cultural patterns to achieve leadership”, (Yanina
    Martinez, Secretary of Tourism Promotion of Argentina).
  • “Women have the opportunity to rebuild the travel industry.” (Julia Simpson, President and
    CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council).
  • “As women we can turn every situation into an opportunity” (Cinthia Douglas, Director of
    Marketing and Sales, Disney Destinations).
  • “In tourism we have earned the place we deserve.” (Diana Sosa, Seaworld Parks &
    Entertainment Sales Director for Latin America).
  • The women who are part of the LatamPR network, in any of its sites, are women in Marketing
    and Public Relations who seek to communicate through valuable content; we lead the way
    when it comes to crisis management for our clients’ companies and we are experts in many
    industries such as Tourism, Tech, Image and brand narrative, Digital Marketing, and I could go
    on… All of them have something in common: the women behind them.
    I’m not going to deny the valuable men who are part of our network and who are really
    important in our teams…but today #let’stalkaboutwomen.
    On balance, and looking at the big picture, the reality in different industries, I dare to say that
    the tourism industry is perhaps one of the sectors with the highest number of women in senior
    positions. How do you see the situation from your industry? It would be interesting to reflect on
    this topic in our blog or in our networks.
    Women deserve to have more opportunities. Not because we are women, but because we have
    the necessary skills and experience to develop in the business world. The idea is not to confront
    between masculine and feminine, but to promote equity and possibilities for everyone, but just
    for today, we are #talkingaboutwomen.