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The power of contact

By Jean Pierre Sciolli of Sciolli Comunicadores, Peru.

The power of contact is a concept that has been around for centuries, but it is only recently that marketing and communications professionals have begun to understand its true potential. Contact between people can be used as an effective tool in building relationships, creating trust, and ultimately driving sales. As such, the importance of making meaningful connections with customers cannot be understated.

At Sciolli.Com we recognize the value of contact when it comes to our clients’ success; thus we strive to create opportunities for meaningful interactions through events like the V Meeting of LatamPR Network in Bogotá which allows us to build strong relationships with our peers while developing new business strategies together. By leveraging these contacts we are able to provide integrated marketing services across multiple countries for companies including DHL, Deel, SAS or Repuestock – all thanks to our network!

In conclusion, being able make powerful connections with other professionals not only helps increase brand awareness but also provides invaluable insight into customer needs and wants which leads directly into increased sales figures – something every marketer should take advantage off! At we believe strongly in harnessing this power by providing valuable networking opportunities so that everyone involved can benefit from their collective knowledge base and experience.