V LatamPR Annual Conference in Colombia signs the “Bogota Charter”

Fifteen professionals from the world of communication and marketing from the best agencies in Latin America met in Bogotá to analyze trends in this field during the V Meeting of the Red Latam PR, which took place from February 9 to 11 face-to-face.

The objective of this year’s Conference-Meeting was to work internally, as a team, and with the participation of representatives of all the agencies that are part of the network to offer innovative and valuable services to clients who require communication strategies in the region. .. For this, work groups were developed whose conclusions were reflected in the “Bogota Charter”, a document that was agreed upon and signed by all those present.

During the three days of the event, experts in different topics such as digital marketing, storytelling, corporate narrative, crisis management, internal communications, new technologies and trends in tourism, among others, discussed the impacts, challenges and opportunities of new technologies such as chatGPT ; the metaverse universes; gamification; tools to interpret the data and new methodologies to measure the reach of a campaign. And, regarding the specific topics that were analyzed: Will artificial intelligence replace communicators and journalists? Will chatGPT be more creative than people? Where are human relations in the face of so much technology? How to massify and monetize these new tools? Do these technologies further atomize audiences?

The program included presentations from each agency, where the situation of the media and communications companies in their countries of origin was exposed. Information that is very valuable for companies, organizations and corporations that work in the region and want to make their communications from the particular knowledge of each country. In addition, among the highlights, Manuel Butti, Regional Director of GOPA.Com for Latin America, spoke about projects with international organizations and keys to winning global tenders; Sandra Sinicco, from GrupoCASA and Elsa Petersen from EM Marketing & Communication coordinated the presentation on “Joint sales machines for the network”, in relation to sales strategies for a joint commercial action. For her part, Lara Guerrero from MG Public Relations of the Dominican Republic presented a complete visibility plan.

And, what do clients expect from a network of communication agencies? was the title of the conversation moderated by Verónica Hernández (Smartcom Panama and Venezuela) and which included: Yaneth Giha, Executive Director of FIFARMA (Latin American Pharmaceutical Federation); Sandra Hernández, Executive Director of RedEAmérica (Network of 53 companies and foundations from 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean); Gloria Flores, Communications Director of Yanbal Colombia.

The organization of this meeting is part of the management of the new management team of Latam PR whose presidency corresponds this period to Vega Jaramillo from Colombia; Adriana vega and Aida Jaramillo and their vice president Elsa Petersen, EM Marketing & Communication of Argentina.
The thematic plan was coordinated by Sandra Sinicco (Brazil), Bárbara Via (Chile) l and Jean Piere Sciolli (Peru). The special guests were coordinated by the team from Vega Jaramillo, Colombia.