High-Spending Tourists

According to the annual assessments conducted by Europe’s most relevant public tourism entities, Latin American tourists are the highest spenders, not limited to specific seasons, and show a strong interest in cultural heritage.

Spending habits and cultural interests of Latin American tourists in Europe reveal that tourists spent an average of 2,056 euros per trip in Europe in 2019, which was higher than the average spend of all other international tourists.

There is a strong interest of Latin American tourists in cultural heritage, with preference for visiting historic landmarks, museums, art galleries and cultural festivals like Carnival, Festa da Flor, Festa de São João and Festa de Santo António in Portugal.

Latin American tourists have shown a great interest in cultural attractions such as the Alhambra, the Sagrada Familia and the Colosseum, which makes them a lucrative market for European countries seeking to promote their cultural heritage.

  • (data from the European Travel Commission, Visit Europe and the European Tourism Association)