Belmod Hotels by Percepción & Imagen

Client Name : Belmond Hotels

Country of Origin : England/France (owned by LVMH Corporation)

Challenges : Belmond is the leading exponent of luxury tourism in the world and was looking for a Communications firm to promote their rebranding in México and Latin America, so people can consider their exclusive collection of 46 hotels, trains and river cruises in 24 different countries as an option for their holidays.

Communication tools we used: PR, Events, Social Media, Fam Trips and Advertising. 

We redefine the messages and Communications lines  for each property highlighting the unusual qualities of the brand. Art, fashion, design, location, Spa, gastronomy, uniqueness of trains and cruises

Results :  

The Maroma Belmond´s Spa, appointed by Condé Nast Travel as the best in Latin America and top 5 in the world.

Belmond Monasterio in Perú, appointed best hotel in the country by World Travel Awards.

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas appointed by Forbes as top five Hotels in South America.

Belmond in San Miguel de Allende appointed by Travel & Leisure one of the best Hotels in the World and 2nd best in the country.


“Our properties are different from what is on the world market, but thanks to the change in our positioning and branding strategy, we achieved recognition by the best publications in the world, putting ourselves in the loop and top of mind of luxury travelers”.

John Freudenthaler

General Manager Belmond Hotels

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