Uber campaign by Sociedad Integrada

Country of Origin: Caribbean and Central America 

Challenges: Christmas 2020 was celebrated differently due to COVID concerns, social distancing being the norm. To keep family and friends connected, Uber sought to position its new courier service — Uber Flash — as an option for sending Christmas gifts.

Communication tool we used: Influencer Marketing 

Result: We delivered a PR Kit to influencers and journalists with items for gift wrapping and Uber codes for them to use Uber Flash. This gave them the opportunity to send gifts to their loved ones during the lockdown. We earned over 40 influencer posts in a one-week period, reaching more than 5.5M people.


20th Century Fox by Sociedad Integrada

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico 

Challenges: The objective for the premiere of the movie “Call of the Wild” was to address animal lovers. However, many perceived the film as a sad story; as such, their interest level was neutral or low due to expected melancholy content.

Communication tool used: Influencer Marketing 

Result: We activated Dog Influencers to participate in 20th Century Fox’s first ever Red-Carpet event for dogs. About 30 four-legged influencers enjoyed the movie with their owners. Audience reactions were measured after the screening and they also shared reviews on social media. We reached more than 100 publications in one hour using #DogsInfluencers during the premier. We earned 80+ positive reviews and connected with more than 1.2M people. 


ABC Network by Sociedad Integrada

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Challenges: ABC Network (ABC) is one of Puerto Rico’s top television stations. The pandemic forced ABC to hold its annual upfront event differently in observance of safety protocols. The client wanted to do something other than a virtual event to stand out with stakeholders.

Communication tools used: PR Kit, Media Relations

Result: We created the first Upfront TV show on the Island featuring a wine-pairing experience. On the day of the show, clients received a PR Kit with wine and pairing notes; each wine was paired with a specific segment of the upfront programming — drama, reality shows, sports, etc. Puerto Rico’s top press outlets ran stories about the initiative, earning 5M media publications. The event earned 100% positive feedback.

The rol of Travel Advisors in Tourism and the new normality

Travel consultants have played a very important role in the past as travelers always consulted their “trusted travel agent” when thinking about vacations or business trips as there was not as much information available about destinations, hotels and services.

Over time, the rapid massification of the internet and the growth of social networks, reconverted business models allowing anyone to access a large amount of data and even self-manage their own trips.

The emergence of online agencies and portals exacerbated this trend. Booking a trip became an immediate transaction through the internet without the intervention of a specialist who could advise the traveler on the quality and location of the hotels, services to hire, or the most convenient air routes.

Based on this new normal that the pandemic imposed on a global level, traveling represents a new challenge. It is no longer pleasure or business but, in turn, in many cases, implies fear or threat. This paradigm shift once again redefines the role of the travel agent to offer peace of mind and security about the destinations to choose and services to hire. The emotional factor that previously guided decisions is now more than ever contrasted with the rational one, with the need to know in depth what they will face and feel sure that their final choice is the correct one for the experience they are looking for.

The impact that social networks have today and the large amount of information available on the internet can also confuse and overwhelm the traveler. Fake news is a reality in all formats and the need for reliable data becomes critical. This new scenario represents a concrete opportunity to reconnect with the consumer through a unique and real experience. The possibility of accessing personalized attention and exhaustive knowledge of the regulations, protocols and security measures in force in each destination and service offered with truthful information today vindicates the role of the once underestimated travel agent.

BARBADOS POLO NIGHT by EM Marketing & Communications

Client: Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc.

Country of Origin: Barbados

Goal: Welcoming the main representatives of Barbados’ government tourism board to Argentina; formally establishing the mutual passion for polo between Barbados and Argentina.

Strategy: Event organized at La Carona Polo Club in Buenos Aires, with the best of Argentine cuisine and a private polo match.

Results: Improved positioning of Barbados as a destination for polo players and enthusiasts. The Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc carries out annual PR and communication activities that are organized by EM


“We worked with EM Marketing on various trade and consumer activations in Argentina. The Barbados Polo Night event, for example, was an unforgettable experience. Elsa and her team executed a fantastic activation, and it will forever be in our hearts. The event achieved its strategic mission and created bonds and relationships to be treasured for years to come”.

Corey H. Garrett

Director – Caribbean & Latin America

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI)


Succesfull Caribbean Caravan by EM Marketing & Communications in Argentina

Clients: Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Aruba, Hilton Barbados, The Reef Resorts.

Goal: Train travel agents based in the most important markets in the country: City of Buenos Aires, La Plata, Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza and Salta. Through this event, government organizations and hotel chains could reach hundreds of potential visitors from across the country.

Tools Employed: Roundtable information and training sessions; PR activities with local media houses.

Results: In Argentina, hundreds of agents have been trained throughout the 5 years of the event, improving their knowledge and the possibility of closing sales to the destinations that participated in the Caravan and thereby increasing the flow of travelers to the Caribbean


“We are very grateful to have participated in the Caribbean Caravan. Lots of people came and it was an excellent event in which we hope to participate again. Meeting face-to-face with travel agents and clearing up any doubts they may have is very important for our destination. I am very grateful and pleased”.

Iris Carrasco – Curacao Tourism Board.


IV LatamPR Annual Conference

From the 12th of April until the end of May 2021, LatamPR is promoting a series of webinars to discuss the impacts of new technologies in strategic communication businesses.

Click here to know details – https://www.conferencia2021latampr.com/ choose your best webinar and get connected:)

Foro Regional de Políticas Educativas 2020 IIPE UNESCO

Foro Regional de Políticas Educativas 2020 IIPE UNESCO


Latin America office of the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIPE UNESCO)

Country of Origin:  Argentina

Goal: Positioning within Latin America of the IV Regional Forum of Education Policies that took place in December of 2020 with the aim of improving future announcements and calls to register.

Strategy: PR and Communications campaign; Press release to a wide database of journalists.

Results: The 2020 Regional Forum of Education Policies 2020 was reported on in almost 40 media sources, spanning both digital and radio forms. With these results, it is expected there will be an increase and improvements in the registration numbers for the 2021 edition.


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Challenges :  The beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 prompted a shift in the social media landscape. While the world went into lockdown all at once with city-mandated quarantines and restrictions, people turned to their phone screens to cultivate human connections; and with that came an explosive rise of social media interaction.

Communication Tool we are used : PR, Events, Social Media, Advertising.

Result : The hospitality and tourism industry took a hard hit due to the pandemic. Back in March, when it dawned on most of us that all travel plans were canceled for the rest of the year, the same question was raised for all hospitality-focused social media experts: How to increase and maintain engagement without a call-to-action to travel? 

For  social media accounts like @visitebarbadosand @calalunahotel, we particularly wanted to be cautious of our messaging. Eliminating call-to-actions, we delivered more hopeful messaging about travel. With taglines such as “We’ll see you soon” and “Reminisce about travel,” we created a feeling of nostalgia and empathy towards visiting a destination. As for content, we stayed away from photos showing groups of people and delivered more nature shots and photos, which represented the essence of each location. Content that seemed to keep people in positive spirits, including cocktail recipes, virtual happy hours, Live DJ sets, yoga classes, and mental health tips, all worked to keep the minds of our audience distracted from the travel restrictions and virtually connected with our clients. To keep our audience engaged, we used interactive Instagram Stories using Instagram Stickers and always kept a conversation going by asking questions and encouraging followers to comment and share travel stories.

The strict lockdown period also raised initiatives to support small businesses during both a health and economic crisis. To show our support, our team at CIIC launched the internal social media initiative, #LoveFromaDistance, to showcase how we support local businesses in our homes of Miami, New York, and San Diego. Every week, a team member made a purchase from a local small business and highlighted the brand on our social media platforms. It gave us a chance to feature some amazing brands while encouraging our followers to shop and #SupportLocal. 

With the shift to virtual events, clients like Florida Wine Academy, which have annually hosted Miami Champagne Week at signature Miami locations, now we’re adjusting to hosting their weeklong event in a virtual setting. Our social media team’s challenge was synonymous with our initial challenges at the start of the pandemic: How to reach a social media audience and keep them interested in attending (yet another) virtual event. To map out a month’s worth of content in Miami Champagne Week’s preparation, we brainstormed what our audience of wine aficionados would like to see on their feed. This resulted in going back to some of our proven tactics which worked well at the start of the pandemic: interactive posts on the feed/stories, videos from industry professionals, and light-hearted, inviting content. To expand our audience, we worked with like-minded social media accounts through the use of hashtags and geo-tags. A simple act of engagement, like commenting or “liking” a photo, increases brand visibility and the chances of gaining organic followers. The conclusion of Miami Champagne Week brought our team new insight and strategies to apply for similar events in the future.

Social Media 100%

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